23 August 2020

The Blues Cruise with Mr B – 23rd August 2020

The Blues Cruise is a voyage through a wealth of Blues music that doesn’t get enough airplay (in my opinion). Whether you like old school (Delta Blues, Chicago Blues etc), or more up to date Rhythm and Blues or some unadulterated Blues Rock you will not be disappointed. I will also do my best to keep you up to date with any online performances as I hear about them. The Blues is alive and well on MMH – The Home Of Rock Radio.


The Hamsters – The unforgiven
Gregor Hilden & Richie Arndt – Oh well
Chris Cain – I believe I got off cheap
Storm Warning – Lonely guy
Azam Khan – Two days
Innes Sibun – Gimme a taste
Twice as good – Broken heart
Bluesnake – Dark side
Café RB – Born under a bad sign
Kris Pohlmann Band – The blues inside
Malaya Blue – Down to the bone
Betty Fox Band – Runnin’ back to you
Shay Dillon – Holdin on
Maria Daines – Stop loving you
Roy Roberts – My Shades of blue
Dire Straits – You and your friend
Simon McBride – Down to the wire
B.B. King – I don’t want you cuttin’ off your hair
Biscuit Miller & The Mix – Watching you
Trainman Blues – Poor you
King King – A long history of love (LIVE)