10 April 2022

The Blues Cruise with Mr B – 10th April 2022

This edition of The Blues Cruise packs a real punch. Kicks off with the legend that is Jamie Thyer and spends most of the first half getting you rocking, rolling and possibly even boogying.
The second half starts of with that ‘Sunday Kind Of Love’ feeling with some lush laid-back tunes to make you feel good.
Plus a few musical treats!


Jamie Thyer – 3D Jones
Simon McBride – Dead Man Walking
Mike Zito – Don’t Touch Me
Toby Lee – Take the wheel
Laurence Jones – What’s It Gonna Be
Joanna Connor – Walkin’ Blues
Larry McCray – Drinkin’ Liquor  and Chasin’ Women
Sugarray Rayford – Under The Crescent Moon
Brave Rival and Catfish – If Looks Could Kill by Heart
Joanne Shaw Taylor – Stop Messin’ Round
When Rivers Meet – Did I Break The Law
Ally Venable – Tribute to SRV
Ben Poole – Found out the hard way (LIVE)
Mad Nad Bo – To Matt
Katey Brooks – Before you say goodbye
Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
Pierce Dipner – Fool’s Gold
Dust Radio – Walk On Gilded Splinters
John Verity – Where’s the love
Gary Moore – Parisienne Walkways LIVE