17 January 2020

The Alternative Era With Jake Hashdi – 16.1.20

This week…

Join Jake as he shares his games of the decade (we promise it’s the last decade countdown for a long while) and plays plenty of powerful tunes to round off your week.


Chewing On Tinfoil – Sons And Mothers

Queens Of The Stone Age – Song For The Dead

Riverside – Time Travellers

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight,Tonight

The Cramps – What’s Inside A Girl?

Misfits – Hollywood Babylon

Superheaven – Life In A Jar

Deepfield – Get It

The Apex Theory – Apossibly

Shihad – My Minds Sedate

AM Taxi – The Mistake

Monster Magnet – Space Lord

Full Scale – Party Political

Mammal – Slaves

The Dreadnoughts – Cider Road

Satan Takes A Holiday – Who Do You Voodoo

Foo Fighters – Arlandria

Moriarty – Esperanza

Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me

Rammstein – Laichzeit

Boysetsfire – Rookie