02 April 2021

The 100% Proof Breakfast Show Friday April 2nd 2021


The 100% Proof Breakfast Show opens up proceedings on this Good Friday, with a full day of special shows. Check out all the podcasts for today and enjoy!!


Track List –

John Coghlan’s Quo – No Return

Ghost – Cirice

Halestorm – Gonna Get Mine

Shyyne – Movin’ On

The Cadillac Three – Peace, Love & Dixie

Judas Priest – Worth Fighting For

God Damn Smile – Hindsight

Van Halen – Poundcake

Black Spiders – Easy Peasy

Annihilator – Set The World On Fire

Queensryche – Damaged

Thunder – Dirty Love

Michael Grant & The Assassins – Red Light Run

Shades Of Gray – This Is How We Rock & Roll

Airbourne – Rattle Your Bones

Megadeth – Back In The Day

Devilfire – Dream Evil

Battle Beast – Eden

Mason Hill – DNA

Kikamora – Said & Done

Twisted Sister – Under The Blade

Evergrey – The Beholder

Eclipse – The Masquerade

Screaming Eagles – Screaming Eagles

Black Sabbath – Live Forever

Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever