18 November 2021

That 90s Kid – Ash Lynch 17.11.21

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That 90’s Kid presents the soundtrack of a generation. Every week, That 90s Kid takes Wednesday Nights through the generation of music that started in 1990. We talk News, Wrestling and the Hot Topic of the Week. With a whole section, dedicated to the glory of the Moshpit….


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Wakening The Hollow – Crooked Love
Deep as Ocean – Blood Eagle
Y – Chaosbay
Awake Again – Rise
We Butter The Bread With Butter – Jump ‘n’ Run
Imminence – Chasing Shadows
Militant Me – Destructible
Fight The Fade – Buried
Valiant Hearts – Banshee
Veil Of Maya – Outrun
If I Were You – System Failure
TheCityIsOurs – So Sad
Phinehas – Dream Thief
Living In Fiction – Save Me
Paleface – Dead Man’s Diary
ONI INC – Always Wishing
Underoath – Cycle
Overthrone – Prisoner
Stain The Canvas – Condemned
Rising Insane – Something Inside Of Me
AVIIRA – Back For More
Silent Planet – Anhedonia
Dead By April – Anything at All
The Amity Affliction – Like Love
Mister Misery – Strangeland II
Additional Time – Cold World