16 July 2020

That 90s Kid – Ash Lynch 15.07.20

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That 90’s Kid presents the soundtrack of a generation. Every week, That 90s Kid takes Wednesday Nights through the generation of music that started in 1990. We talk News, Wrestling and the Hot Topic of the Week. With a whole section, dedicated to the glory of the Moshpit….


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Gerard Way – Here Comes The End
The Goo Goo Dolls – Tonight, Together
Massive Wagons – The Curry Song
The Cherry Truck Band – Love Become Law
Nova Twins – Taxi
Cold Years – Too Far Gone
The Luka State – Feel It
Throw The Fight – Home
Solence – Snakes
Curtis Waters – System
Meet Me @ The Altar – Garden
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Stockholm City Rock
Set It Off – So Predictable
Blue Pills – Kiss My Past Goodbye
Ozzy Osbourne – It’s A Raid
Flash Forward – Lucid Dreaming
Citizen Soldier – Mess of Me
8 Graves – Eye For An Eye
Static-X – Bring You Down
Fit For A King – God Of Fire
Avatar – Colossus
With Heavy Hearts – Ghost
Kill The Lycan – Sanctuary
Nine Lashes – Dear Self
Outline In Color – Practice What You Preach
Muse – Uprising
Pendulum – Propane Nightmares