11 January 2021

Take a Little Trip Back – The Lost Art 70s Prog Special with Steve & Lou 10th Jan 2021

So much of the tuneage we love today was inspired by the classic bands and albums of the 70s. We have so much to thank these musical pioneers for coz without them, there may not be a Prog scene today. So, although the movement has most definitely “moved on” (excuse the pun), we have to give credit where it’s due and from time to time, I believe it’s healthy to go back and review and renew the incredible music from that era. So before we head off headlong into 2021 and having reviewed the best of 2020 in the past two shows, I give you our 2021 70s Prog Round-Up, featuring all your fave bands and tunez (Missed out Gentle Giant as they were last month’s BAND OF THE MONTH and we do have a track from Sons Of Apollo, our current BOTM) – enjoy.


Hawkwind – Lord Of Light
Genesis – Can-Utility And The Coastliners
Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise
Argent – Be Glad
Flash – Dreams Of Heaven
Sons Of Apollo – Opus Maximus
PFM – Four Holes In The Ground
Pink Floyd – Echoes
King Crimson – In The Wake Of Poseidon
Focus – Focus II
Greenslade – Sundance
Tangerine Dream – Invisible Limits
Camel – Freefall
Jethro Tull – Aqualung
Caravan – Golf Girl
ELP – The Barbarian