23 March 2020

Stay Safe – The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 22nd March 2020


In a World gone mad, we all need to try ans tay upbeat and positive. Be Warned, this week’s playlist contains a healthy FUN element…..

Enchant – Living In A Movie
Shattered Skies – Born Of Soldier
Jean Michel Jarre – The Opening
Yes – Going For The One
Haken – Insomnia
Toto – Better World (Pts 1-3)
The Flower Kings – Monkey Business
Holding Pattern – Blaster
Styx – Prelude 12/Suite Madame Blue
Caravan – Golf Girl
Pink Floyd – Bike
ELP – Benny The Bouncer
Scarlet Hollow – A Window To October
John Holden – Ancestors And Satellites
Flaming Row – The Gunslinger’s Creed
Tiger Moth Tales – The Merry Vicar
Camel – A Nod And A Wink
Into The Open – When The Crowd Is Gone
Hangover Paradise – Army Of Innocents
Kansas – Rhythm In The Spirit
Genesis – Pigeons