25 June 2018

Skid’s House of Loud 24.06.18


Missed my orgasmic show because you were watching England beat Panama , or just doing other stuff?

Well fear not my friends as you can join me again via clever technology and listen to two hours of quality rock and metal from 1970-1989 , including

April Wine – Fast train
Black Sabbath – Symptoms of the universe
Deep Purple – Highway star
Hawkwind – Living on a knife edge
Henry Rollins band – Your number is one
HSAS – Valley of the kings
Judas Priest – Hell bent for leather
KISS – Parasite
Krokus – Bedside radio
Kyuss – Thong song
Motley Crue – too fast to fall in love
Riot – Hot for love
Saxon – Suzie hold on
Ted Nugent – Together
The D4 – Exit to the city
The Obsessed – To protect and serve
The Rods – Music man
Tipton, Entwhistle and Powell – Edge of the world
T-Rex – Metal Guru
UFO – Doctor Doctor
Van Halen – Drop dead legs

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