30 May 2021

Skid’s House of Loud 161 30.05.21

Missed the latest Skid’s House of Loud  Show first aired on 30th May playing 2 hours of classic rock and metal spanning genres as well as decades?

This show includes –

Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia

The Clash – Londons calling

Voivod – Voivod

Rage Against the machine – Bulls on parade

The magpie salute – Gimme something

Live – The dolphins cry

Eric Clapton – Cocaine

Guns ‘ n’ Roses – Its so easy

Warlock – Burning witches

Marillion – Punch and Judy

Judas Priest – free wheel burning

Twisted Sister – SMF

Dio – I speed at night

Dennis DeYoung – Isle of Misanthrope

Sabaton – Defence of Moscow

Raging Speedhorn – Doom Machine

Jizzy Pearl – Soul mama

 Iron Maiden – Rime of the ancient mariner

Stone Broken – Not your enemy 

Rose Tattoo – Nice boys

Rolling Stones – Paint it black

Ramones – Do you remember rock n roll radio

Rush – Tom Sawyer

REO Speedwagon – keep on pushing


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