06 May 2018

Skid’s House of Loud 06.05.18


Missed the show on Sunday?

What was so important that you missed it?

Why would you want to miss Classic Rock and Metal from around 1970 – 1989 with a little over lap . The following bands and tracks from the following bands to help you sober up after a messy Saturday night ,

707 – Rockin’ is easy

AC/DC – Squealer

Black Sabbath – Heaven and hell

Demon – One hellava night

Desperado – Hang ‘em high

Diamond Head – Damnation Street

Girlschool – Racing with the devil

GUN – Taking on the world

Hughes/Thrall – 1st step of love

Iron Butterfly – In-a-gadda-viva

KISS – 100,000 years

Mercyful Fate – Evil

Metal Church – Hitman

Motorhead – Leavin’ here

Pat Benatar – Heart breaker

Rose Tattoo – Nice boys

Scorpions – Loving you Sunday morning

Slade – We will bring the house down

Thin Lizzy – This is the one

Trobruk – Wild on the run

WASP – Chainsaw Charlie

Wolfmother – Joker and the thief

ZZ Top – Jesus just left Chicago

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