08 August 2018

Skid’s House of Loud 05.08.18



Brethren … did you miss my show last Sunday? Fear not , it is hear for you to listen in wonderment and cheer yourself up from your daily grind and drudgery by realising that at least you don’t make a total twat of yourself every Sunday whilst playing two hours of quality rock and metal rom circ 1970-1989 (in reality its all over the place!)

This week you will hear from the likes of

Cream – I feel free

The Faces – Stay with me

KISS – All American man

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

ZZ Top – La Grange

ASIA – Heat of the moment

BTO – Sledgehammer

Traffic – Dear Mr Fantasy

WASP – The great misconception of me

The Police – Roxanne

Geordie – Black cat woman

JJ Cale – After midnight

Fastway – feel me , touch me

Supertramp – The logical song

Journey – Wheel in the sky

Slade – Far far away

The Clash – Bank robber

Headcat – Somethin’ else

Scorpions – Hurricane 2000 (live)

Pantera – cemetery gates

Status Quo – Down down

Rush – A passage to Bangkok

Thin Lizzy – Parisienne walkways

Led Zeppelin – living loving maid

Beastie Boys – No sleep til Brooklyn

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