02 December 2018

Skid’s House of Loud – 02.12.18


This week Skid plays another 2 hours of quality rock/metal including

Iron Maiden – Die with your boots on

The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Tom Petty – A mind with a heart of its own

Jimi Hendrix – Fire

Judas Priest – A touch of evil

Phil Campbell and his bastard sons – Skin and bones

Tony Iommi / Glenn Hughes – Dopamine

Quiet Riot – Metal Health (bang your head)

Riot – White rock

The Alarm – Spirit of 76

Molly Hatchet – Dead give away

Cheap Trick – Clock strikes 10

Marillion – Garden Party

Van Halen – Running with the devil

Avenger – Too wild to tame

Baron Rojo – Concert for them

Jimmy Barnes – Driving wheels

Y&T – Ten lovers

The Who – I can see for miles

The Damned – Neat neat neat

Nightranger – Nightranger

Blue Oyster Cult – Veteran of the psychic wars

Skid Row – Get the fuck out

Dennis Stratton – Heroes

LionHeart – Mary did you know



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