07 September 2018

SheWolf Unsigned – Linda Parker 6.9.18




Did you miss She Wolf Unsigned this week?…
Fear Ye not!

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Featuring Music from… Vix20, Amongst Thieves, Impending Reflections, Core Zero, Divine Chaos, Ryan Webb, Thirteen Seven,
Thundercloud,The Weight, Awaken The Shadow, Cookie Break, Devils Dice, Headline Maniac, London Black, White Raven Down,
Sekond Skin, The Shaken, Left Over Bullets, ,Fear Without Reason, Philip Foxley, Sin Circus,

This weeks Playlist…

Vix20 – Digital Age

Amongst Thieves – Alone

Impending Reflections – Dead Black Roses

Core Zero – Betrayed

Divine Chaos – Fields Of The Fallen

Ryan Webb – Before I Die

Thirteen-Seven – I want to know

Thundercloud – Game Of Chance

The Weight – Blow It

Awaken The Shadow – The Hunter

Cookie Break – Unspoken

Devils Dice – A Matter Of Faith

Headline Maniac – Why Should I Care

London Black – The Edge ( Plus Drunken Monkey Rock Festival Interview )

White Raven Down – Not Alone

Sekond Skyn – Flood

The Shaken – Invisable

LeftOver Bullets – Might Be Miles Away

Fear Without Reason – Broken

Philip Foxley – I don’t Fit in

Sin Circus – I’m Bored