31 August 2018

SheWolf Unsigned – Linda Parker 30.8.18







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Featuring music from ….

Inregalia, All These Years, Rustlung, Klammer, Wonders Of The Yukon JeanCabbie & The Secret admirer Society, Elysium Sky, Wakedown,
Occoeur, Ragged Union, Blue Helix, A Taste Of Blood, Ash The Sky, Recce, (Plus Interview from The Drunken Monkey Rock Festival), Shooting Angels, Meenstead, Numb, Rise Through Ruin, Guns On Mars, Second City Lost

This weeks Playlist…

In regalia – Rock This House
All These Years – What Was Left Unsaid
Rustlung – Black Eye
Klammer – Sipiral Girl
Wonders Of The Yukon – Shotgun
Jean Cabbie & The Secret admirer Society – Breathe
Elysium Sky – Afflicted
Wakedown – Walking Alone
Occoeur  – One More Night In Hell
Ragged Union – Another Lover
Blue Helix – Bullets
A Taste Of Blood – Done Dirty
Ash The Sky – I Scream Vengeance
Recce – Ignited , Plus, Interview from The Drunken Monkey Festival
Shooting Angels – Mirror, Mirror
Meenstead – Idiot Without A cause
Numb – Burn
Rise Through Ruin – An Ending
Guns On Mars – Ashley Rose
Second City Lost – No Escape