09 November 2018

SheWolf Unsigned 8.11.19







Did you miss SHEWOLF UNSIGNED this week?
Here’s your chance to have another listen
This weeks show is dedicated

*** Sunday 11th November, is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.
This weeks Playlist is in honour of those who fought bravely! ***

Playing tracks from…..

Disconnected Genius, 3 Days Later, And The Sky Darkened,
Human Suffering The Hope Burden, Heroes Don’t Ask Why,
Stand Amongst Giants, Atom Eve Eclipse, InRegalia, City In Chaos, Life Against Time, One Time Mountain, Aventus,
Six Months Gone, The Survival Code, Souls of Jack Ketch, Erica Emperors Of The Wasteland, The Ultra Violet,
She Said Fire, Terror Garden Fall From Perfection,
Corrosive Sweden

This Weeks Playlist….

Disconnected Genius – Just Stay, Don’t Go
3 Days Later – Wheels Of Industry
And The Sky Darkened – Burn Colder Black
Human Suffering – Brother Slayer
The Hope Burden – Decline
Heroes Don’t Ask Why – Poisoned Well
Stand Amongst Giants – Have You Got Soul
Atom Eve Eclipse – Quake
Inregalia – Stand Up
City In Chaos – Freak
Life Against Time – Surrender
One Time Mountain – Rock 7 Roll
Aventus – Valley Of The Kings
Six Months Gone – Crystal Clear
The Survival Code – Take It As It Is
Souls Of Jack ketch – Clean State
Erica – Human
Emperors Of The Wasteland – Under The Sky
The Ultra Violet – All I need To Be Needed
She Said Fire – Sleeping Through The Revolution
Terror Garden – Selfie Queen
Fall From Perfection – Story
Corrosive Sweden – Wrong Turn

The Last Post – ( In Remembrance of World War One ending 100 years ago )