09 June 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 6.6.19 – With Linda Parker



In case you missed the show this week, here is the Podcast
My 50th Show Special!

Featuring music from… Bamboo Vipers, Dremora, Siderian, Last Exile,
Big Black Eye, Desolation Angels, King Kraken, Tormenta, Authority,
Nebula State, Dean and Chapter, Pacto, Horses Without Makeup,
This State Of Ours, Bang Bang FireCracker, Troyen, Chiasmodon,
Victorius, Isolate, Sons Of Liberty, Attic Theory, Hadrian, Type -7,

This Weeks Playlist ..

Bamboo Vipers – Silver Boots
Dremora – Hells Temptation
Nebula State – This Poison
Last Exile – No Quarter
Big Black Eye – Slumber
Desolation Angels – Set Your Spirit Free
King Kraken – Under The Sun
Tormenta – Life Duality
Authority – Bellum
Siderian – Origins
Dean and Chapter – Spiritual Suicide
Pacto – Palabra De La Construccion
Horses Without Makeup – Vice Squad
This State Of Ours – Another Light
Bang Bang FireCracker – Immortilized
Troyen – Lady Evil
Chiasmodon – Dethrone
Victorius – Prepare To Rock
Isolate – Witness
Sons Of Liberty – Looking For A Good Time
Attic Theory –
Hadrian – Transcend
Type -7 – Awakening, Forged in Fire
M-102 – House Of Pain