05 April 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 4.4.2019 – with Linda Parker




Band Rehearsals, Work Shopping! any excuse i know!
You missed SheWolf Unsigned yet again!
Its a good job i know how to do Podcast’s of the show isn’t it?

This weeks show, Played some of the past bands on my rotation and also included, Nine brand new bands for you this week!
I am also very honoured to have been given the World exclusive to
N.W.O.H.M band Troyens, brand new track ‘Nightmare’ and a brand new bands SlowMo75 first time ever airplay.


Featuring tracks from….
Flahoola, Argos-cz, Raveneye, The Nile Delta’s,Four Skulls, Seven More Days, Troyen, The Fifth Fire, Slowmo75, King Kraken, Trep, Chaismondon, The Menace, A Poetic Yesterday, AlyXXX, Victorius, Calling Apollo, Deafs Door, Pacto, Deever, Kamensco, Black Star Bullets, Wovenlung, Insuna

This weeks Playlist ….

Flahoola – Haze
Argos-cz – Otrok
RavenEye – Breaking Out
The Nile Delta’s – Dust Me Down
Four Skulls – Maybe
Seven More Days – By Your Side
Troyen – Nightmare
The Fifth Fire – Tank
Slowmo75 – Living the Dream
King Kraken – Heatwave
Trep – Silence The Crows
Chiasmondon – Dethrone
The Menace – Hallowed
A Poetic Yesterday – Frown Proud
AlyXXX – The Way I Do
Victorius – Prepare To Rock
Calling Apollo – Clone City
Deafs Door – Wired Up
Pacto – Seres De Miedon Y An Angustia
Deever – Only Enemy
Kamensco – Inhuman Condition
Black Star Bullets – 8.50am
Wovenlung – Hold My Heart
Insuna – End Of Our Beginning