29 March 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 28.3.19 – with Linda Parker






So You Missed me again did you, Damn it?
Well here you go! The Podcast, from this weeks show

SheWolf Unsigned, Brings the best of Unsigned Rock & Metal from a round the World.
No Main stream bands on this show, Only the best Up & Coming music.Brand new playlist every week, new releases, news , new up & coming bands to check out, from the World of Unsigned Rock and Metal.

Featuring music from ….
Ravenbreed, Dark Valley, Sons Of Liberty, I Killed Anubis,
Larre U-A, Lords Of Salem, 3rd World Leader, Mad Haven,
Abbey Falls, Influens, I The Betrayer, Type-7, Four Candles,
Murnane Tribe, Them Guns, Another Day Dawns, Baleful Creed, Ward XVI,
Ronnie Abeille, M-102, Suspicious Minds, 100 Watt Vipers,

This Weeks Playlist …..

Ravenbreed – Insult
Dark Valley – Bird Of Prey
Sons Of Liberty – The Brave
I Killed Anubis – The Chosen Few
Larre U-A – The Sweet Talk Of My Revenge
Lords Of Salem – Hell Over Salam
3rd World Leader – My Hell
Mad Haven – Into The Blaze
Abbey Falls – Blackbird
Influens – Set Me Free
I The Betrayer – ConFormity
Type-7 – Awakening Forged in Fire
Four Candles – Strange Things Are Happening
Murnane Tribe – Charmed Life
Them Guns – Fireworks
Another Day Dawns – Rage
Baleful Creed – Devils Side
Ward XVI – Hold Me Now
Ronnie Abeille – Streets Of Poison
M-102- House Of Pain
Suspicious Minds – Room Service
100 Watt Vipers – My Fathers Cross
AshFall – Always Waiting