25 July 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 25.7.19 – with Linda Parker





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Featuring Music From…
Gallows Circus, Fallen Temples, Raptogeist, Alien Embassy, Goliath,
Defaced, Zen Revolt, Gag Reflex, Internal Conflict, Deified, Gethika,
Storyland, Koburg, Jackknife Seizure, Ignite The Fire, Scarlet Rebels,
Wovenlung, Mistrusted, Redrooster, Gin Annie, Restrayned, At The Sun, Bamboo Vipers

This Weeks Playlist ..
Gallows Circus – Faith To Believe
Fallen Temples – Cut The Wire
Raptogeist – Brother
Alien Embassy – Evermore
Goliath – Alice
Defaced – Met Your Match
Zen Revolt – Bleed Beneath My Skin
Gag Reflex – Earth Fault Develops
Internal Conflict – Self Made Asylum
Deified – Betrayed
Gethika – Existence Or Oblivion
Storylande – Stormborn
Koburg – Karma Is A Bitch
Jackknife Seizure – Fonicate Galactica
Ignite The Fire – Echoes
Scarlet Rebels – No one Else To Blame
Wovenlung – Hold My Heart
Mistrusted – Carnival Charade
Redrooster – Dreams
Gin Annie – Born To Rock N’ Roll
Restrayned – Breaking Down
At The Sun – Indestructable
Bamboo Vipers – Transient