26 August 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 22.8.19 – with Linda Parker



SheWolf Unsigned 22.8.19
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Mercury Rising, Libricide, 5Stories, A Night In November, Alluvion,
Siderian, Red Wolves, Scattering Ashes, Aren Drift, Black Truth, Skies Turn Black,
Angel Martyr, Four Candles, Goodfella, River Becomes Ocean, Hologram,
Black Neon Knights, HollowStar, Black Emerald, RamageInc, Devil Red,
Line Of Fire, Liberty Slaves, Loosing September

This Weeks Playlist ….

Mercury Rising – Party Shark
Libricide – Destiny Weights
5Stories – Loose Control
A Night In November – Cynic
Alluvion – Heel Of The Boot
Siderian – The Suplicant
Red Wolves – Wake Up
Scattering Ashes – Shadows
Aren Drift – Light Hole
Black Truth – 1000 Knives
Skies Turn Black – Smoke and Mirrors
Angel Martyr – Climbing The Walls Of The Abyss
Four Candles – You Can’t be What You Pretend
Goodfella – Extermination
River Becomes Ocean – In Love Again
Hologram – Symphony Of Regret
Black Neon Knights – Walk Away
HollowStar – Guilty
Black Emerald – Sculptures To Play
RamageInc – Transparency
Devil Red – Last Of The Mile
Line Of Fire – Fallen From Grace
Liberty Slaves – Never Enough
Loosing September – Crossroads