22 March 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 21.03.19 – with Linda Parker




Cant believe you missed SheWolf Unsigned this week!
Fear Ye Not!
Here is your chance to listen again

Featuring music from…

Sledd, InRegalia, In My Coma, All These Yesterdays, Buzzard,
Black Emerald, Fire In Elysium, Darkness Divine, King Kraken,
Burnt Out Wreck, Vain Galen, Smoke The Sky, The Angry Badgers,
Spreading The Disease, Silent Stranger, Victorius, Spiral Key,
Brand New Me, Climb The Attic, Disciples Of Sin, Eyes Of The Raven
HedFuzy, Ghost Season


This Week Playlist….

Sledd – Get Rich Quick Scheme
In Regalia – Rock The House
In My Coma – Beautiful Mind
All These Yesterdays – Could It Be
Buzzard – The Line
Black Emerald – JonesTown
Fire In Elysium – Tearing Away
Darkness Divine – Digression
King Kraken – Under The Sun
Burnt Out Wreck – She’s A Dirty Love
Victorius – Silver Bullet
Vain Galen – Biography of A Stickman
Smoke The Sky – Avoid The Void
The Angry Badgers – Gravedigger
Spreading The Disease – Voices
Silent Stranger – A Girl Like You
Spiral Key – West Facing
Brand New Me – The Lighter
Climb The Attic – Seen It All
Disciples Of Sin – Raise A Glass
Eyes Of The Raven – Crown Of Serpents
HedFuzy – Sing
Ghost Season – Father Time