18 July 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 18.7.19 – with Linda Parker






So You Missed SheWolf Unsigned again?
Here’s the Podcast for you, so no excuse not to listen again to the best two
hours of Unsigned Rock & Metal, that you will hear all week!

Featuring Music From …
Trauma Uk, Blindside Thunder, Samarkind, Racing Fate,
Titanosaur, 10Gage, Fall From Perfection, War Train, Obiisss,
Words That Burn, Dean and Chapter, Icefire, Amnesis,
Tensile, BallsDeep, Colt48, Jack J Hutchinson, Type-7, Reign Of Fury,
Kill The Silence, Psycho Visions, Pretty Little Enemy

This Weeks Playlist …
Trauma Uk – Outta My Mind
Blindside Thunder – Take Me Down
Samarkind – Good Man Call
Racing Fate – Crippled Visions
Titanosaur – Stay Awake
10Gage – Knight Of The Living Dead
Fall From Perfection – Borderline
War Train – Spill Your Blood
Obiisss – Bro ( Not Feeling You )
Words That Burn – Arise
Dean and Chapter – Friends With The Devil
Amnesis – Night Terrors
Icefire – White Cat
Tensile – Human Abbatoir
BallsDeep – Fingerprints
Colt48 – Disconnected
Jack J Hutchinson – Justified
Type-7 – The Intersteller Traveler
Reign Of Fury – Born To Die ( Dying To Live )
Kill The Silence – You Should Know
Psycho Visions – Soul Collector
Pretty Little Enemy – Vertebreak