19 April 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 18.4.19 – with Linda Parker



Oh So You Missed SheWolf Unsigned yet again, did you ?… TUT
Here you go, another chance to listen again!
Oh i do spoil you!

SheWolf Unsigned, Brings the best of Unsigned Rock & Metal from a round the World.
This week show features 23 Unsigned Rock & Metal artists,
which this week, there are no less that 11 Brand new Unsigned bands for you
SheWolf Unsigned, Brings the best of Unsigned Rock & Metal from a round the World.
No Main stream bands on this show, Only the best Up & Coming music.Brand new playlist every week, new releases, news , new up & coming bands to check out!
from the World of Unsigned Rock and Metal,

Featuring Music from …

Kill The Action, GutterFlower, Lese Majesty, Last Kick, Revival Black,
Attic Theory, Broken Testimony, Bang Bang Fire Cracker,
Fahran, Promethium, Mattersphere, Maxx12
LeftOver Bullets, Desolation Angels, Schemata Theory, The Strawkites, Fatality,
40,000 Leagues, Levrage. Experiment34, Motion Device,
Maid Of Ace, Malicious Intent

This Weeks Playlist ..

Kill The Action – The Inside
GutterFlower – Ephelide
Lese majesty – Age Of Outrage
Last Kick – Planet Doom
Revival Black – Hold Me Down
Attic Theory – Saints Among Us
Broken Testimony – Medusa
Bang Bang Firecracker – Welcome To The Slaughterhouse
Fahran – Pyre
Promethium – Stolen Valour
Mattersphere – Devil In Disguise
Maxx12 – Seventh Son
LeftOver Bullets – Might Be Miles Away
Desolation Angels – Set Your Spirit Free
Scheamata Theory – Our Only Home
The Strawkites – Standing On The Edge Of Time
Fatality – Prey
40,000 Leagues – Defcon
Levrage – Venomous Hate
Experiment34 – Well You Know
Motion Device – Alive
Maid Of Ace – Fight
Malicious Intent – Face To Face