14 December 2018

SheWolf Unsigned 13.12.18 – with Linda Parker




Did you Miss SheWolf Unsigned again this week?
Shame on you!
But fear not, here is the podcast!


This Weeks Playlist…..

Concrete Donkey – Fortune and Glory
Torqued – Forgotten Soul
Desolation Angels – Set Your Spirit Free
Area39 – V
Gundacker – Monster Underneath
ArkDown – Deceived
Concrete Kingdoms – Die This Day
Isolate – Witness
Maximus – Broomstick
Promethium – Enemies Fate
A Million Souls – Free
Aittala – American Nightmare
Spiral Key – Reason Revolution
Black Chapter – As The Crow
Ragged Union – Another Lover
Silke Berlin – Ball and Chain
Quiet The Thief – Take Me Home
Between The Void – White Gold
Quorum – Things Dont Last
Digital Criminals – Jump
I The Betrayer – Boaster
Death By Disco – You Know Me