12 October 2018

SheWolf Unsigned 11.10.18. – with Linda Parker





Did you miss SHEWOLF UNSIGNED this week?
Here’s your chance to have another listen

Playing tracks from…..

Mallen,  Acts Of Vengeance, Black Neon Knights, Aceldama, Benzokayn, Ascent, Black Sky Tribe,
Mastercharger, Wakedown, Alice In Thunderland, Circle Of Reason, Kikamora, Andromedia Theory,
Beneath The Remains, Metaprism, Iron Sun, Angel Matyr, Malicious Intent, Jingerkora,
Death By Disco, Missiles Of October, Ignite The Fire, Late Train,

This Weeks Playlist….

Mallen – Popularity
Acts Of Vengeance – When I Fall
Black Neon Knights – Loaded Gun
Aceldama – Forgotton
Benzokayn – Woke Up Dead
Ascent  –  Beacon Eleven
Black Sky Tribe – Long For You
Master Charger – So High, Yet So Low
Wakedown – Until She Sleeps
Alice In Thunderland – Out Of Time
Circle Of Reason – Silver Scean
Kikamora – Wrong Place, Right Time
Andromedia Theory – Premonitions
Beneath The Remains – Pray For Pain
Metaprism – Lost In The Dark
Iron Sun – Beyond The Fjord
Angel Martyr – Climbing The Walls Of The Abyss
Malicious Intent – Face To Face
Jingerkroa – Coward
Death By Disco – Save Me
Missiles Of October – State Of Crisis
Ignite The Fire – Criticize
Late Train – All The Way