01 August 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 1.8.19 – with Linda Parker





Did you miss SheWolf Unsigned this week?

Here’s another chance to listen to 2 hours of the best Unsigned Rock and Metal,
from around the World!

Featuring Music From…
Black Coast, Save The Hero, Yesterday’s Gone, Residue, Nephilm,
The Dark, Kalm Kaos, King Of None, Ashborn, Mark Phillips and Friends,
RemnantUk, Hands Of Attrition, Spitfish, Scarsun, Hipnostic, Crashed Out,
Acherontia Styx, Cancel Tomorrow, Robin George, Haunted Heart, Rival Bones,
Rollin Sixes, Saint Appache,

This weeks Playlist

Black Coast – Break The Routine
Save The Hero – Just
Yesterday’s Gone – Demons
Residue – Disco Vampyre
Nephilim – Fulled By Hate
The Dark – Dirty Girl
Kalm Kaos – Heavy Mettle
King Of None – Words Of Mine
Ashborn – Every Word
Mark Phillips and Friends – Brother
RemnantUk – Engage and Alter
Hands Of Attrition – They Came At Night
Spitfish – Grim Suspiria
Scarsun – Make Me Ache
Hipnostic – Brainwash
Crashed Out – Feel Good
Acherontia Styx – Eyes Of Glass
Cancel Tomorrow – Run
Robin George – Dark and Stormy Night
Haunted Heart – Haunted Heart
Rival Bones – Hives
Rollin Sixes – Son Of Perdition
Saint Appache – Push On Reckless Night