26 October 2018

She Wolf Unsigned 25.10.18







Did you miss SHEWOLF UNSIGNED this week?
Here’s your chance to have another listen

Playing tracks from…..
Reliance Code, Parts and Fiction, Hedfuzy, Raid, Bad Analogy, Bone Jack, Manimal, Autumn Rove,
Jar Of Blind Flies, Mental Circus, Hi Speed Life, Type-7, Gun Runners, Death By Disco, Dead End Scene,
Piranah Soul, Decieving Eve, The Angry Badgers, Hide Your Eyes, Crebus



This Weeks Playlist….

Reliance Code – Never Bring Me Down
Parts and Fiction – Whispers
Hedfuzy – Shadows For The Disappeared
Raid – The Strong Survive
Bad Analogy – He Growls
Bone Jack – Told You So
Manimal – Black Plague
At The Sun – Breathe
Autumn Rove – All But Dead
Jar Of Blind Flies – Playground King
Hi Speed Life – Same Old Thing
Mental Circus – Heaven ( plus interview at Quinphonic 7 Festival )
Type-7 – On Most Surfaces, By The Gathering
Gun Runners – Save Our Souls
Death By Disco – Runaways
Dead End Scene – Only One Scene
Pariah Soul – Hang
Deceiving Eve – We All Fall Apart
The Angry Badgers – Crazy
Hide Your Eyes – My Last Regret
Cerebus – Enslaved In Heaven