11 January 2019

She Wolf Unsigned 10.1.19 – with Linda Parker







Did you miss SheWolf Unsigned this week? Here is another chance to listen to it!
Featuring music from… Psycho Visions, Mercury Doll, Line Of Fire,
Trep, Baleful Creed, Pearler, Act Of Sin, Burn Down Rydell,
Saints Of Sin, Numb, Coded, Troyen, Viridian Dawn,
Disconnected Genius, Sons Of Liberty, Liberty Slaves, Sekond Skyn,
Tripwire, Missiles Of October, Swarms, Our World Below?,
Without Warning

Plus the interview with Jeff Badley from N.W.O.B.H.M band TROYEN

This Weeks Playlist….

Psycho Visions – Black Sky
Mercury Doll – Perceptual Pendulum
Line Of Fire – One Nineteen
Trep – Silence The Crows
Baleful Creed – Loose Religion
Pearler – Fortitude
Act Of Sin – Werewolf
Burn Down Rydell –
Saints Of Sin – Feel The Fire
Numb – The Tears You Cry
Coded – Cause and Effect
Troyen – Dreams Never Lie (Plus Interview with Jeff Baddley) Viridian Dawn – High Hope
Disconnected Genius – Quietly Into The Night
Sons Of Liberty – Free Man
Liberty Slaves – Every man For Themselves
Sekond Skyn – Flood
Tripwire – Liberate
Missiles Of October – Better Days
Swarms – For The Righteous
Our World Below? – Kick Finger
Without Warning – Last Cry