28 May 2014

Gig Review: Schwarztblut – 10th May 2014 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Holland

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Gig Review: Schwarztblut – 10th May 2014 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Holland ‘Gebeyn aller Verdammten’ CD Release Mini Tour

Review by Dean Clark

Having seen and met Schwarzblut back in 2010, I kept promising that I would return to see them, so what better time to go, than for the release of their 3rd full album ‘Gebeyn aller Verdammten’ (translated as Bones of the Damned).

They started the mini tour supporting Clan of Xymox for 2 shows in Hengelo & Den Haag, Holland, finishing in their home town of Deventer supported by Heliophile.


s1Heliophile are a new band, and this was their first live performance on stage, and if I had not of known previously, I would never have guessed it. Although their music was not my cup of tea, very 80’s electrosynthpop, but they sounded good and seemed very relaxed on stage.
To me it seemed a strange choice of opening act, as their style was at the opposite end of the spectrum of what was to come, but they performed well and the crowd enjoyed it.


s2For those not aware of Schwarzblut, they are a Dutch 5 piece band, who sing in German, with the inspiration for their lyrics coming from old German poetry. Their music is dark, heavy industrial beats, intertwined with orchestral elements. The vocals are loud and harsh emerging from Zeon, accompanied and balanced out with the beautiful soft melodic tones of Angelika.

The new album is receiving top reviews across Europe, their track ‘Bis Aufs Blut’ is currently sat at #13 in the Deutsche Alternative chart, and Side-Line Magazine just gave the album 8.5/10 labeling it as ‘dark ethereal electro’.

There was an interesting mix of fans in the venue, Goth, Metal, even some girls in ballerina skirts, all dancing and singing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The families of the band were also there to support them, and this was also the first time Zeon’s father had seen him perform!

The band emerged on stage in their new outfits created by the very talented Rosies Art, to a massive response from the crowd.
They kicked off the set with ‘Wer vom Ziel nicht Weiss’ the first track from the new album, followed by a mix of new and old songs, ending the night with ‘Bis aufs Blut’, which had the crowd dancing and chanting like mentalists. Unfortunately there was no encore, but Zeon had been struggling with his throat, and as it was home turf they wanted to get out to meet & greet their family, friends & fans.

It was an amazing night, followed by a few more drinks with some of the band in a local rock bar in town.

Set List:s3

Wer vom Ziel nicht Weiss
Das Lob der Faulheit
Zur Hölle
Die Gunst des Augenblicks
Der schwarze Tod
Der Abschied
Das Fest des Wüstlings
Ein Schatten
Das Mandat
Bis aufs Blut

Schwarzblut are:

Zeon – music, vocals
Angelika – vocals
Verstörungssyndikat – Bass
Pascal – Drums
Sturm – Music, Live VJ

Buy Schwarzblut music on Spotify, Bandcamp & iTunes or through their label www.alfa-matrix.com

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