27 October 2020

Route 666 26.10.20 NWOCR

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Here’s the latest Route 666 podcast from 26.10.20 where Smudge ripped some of the best of the New Wave of Classic Rock.

Hollowstar – Sinner

Neuronspoiler – Hiding In Plain Sight

The Riven – Fortune Teller

Hell’s Addiction – Free Your Mind

Dead Man’s Whiskey – My Year

Matt Mitchell and the Coldhearts – On And On

Empyre – Too Close

Doomsday Outlaw – Were You Ever Mine

Scarlet Rebels – Can I Open My Eyes

Devilfire – Dead Man Walking

Molly Karloff – Do It Again

Blackwater Conspiracy – In Another Lifetime

Massive – The Wrecking Crew

Baleful Creed – Confused

South Of Salem – Made To Be Mine

South Of Salem – Another Nail In My Coffin

The Struts – Do You Love Me

Ethyrfield – Free The Dog

Haxan – Black Sheep

Laura Cox – Here’s To War

Daxx and Roxane – Someone I Love

Blind River – learning To Lose

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Welcome To Hell

Ryders Creed – Chasing Dreams

The New Roses – As The Crow Flies

The City Kids – Best Of You

Those Damn Crows – King Of Second Chances