21 October 2020

Route 666 19.10.20 More Metal!!

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Want more metal? Well here’s some. Route 666 from 19.10.20 had more metal than anywhere else. Smudge ripped 2 hours of the best by bands you know and others you won’t but they all rock!!

Here’s the playlist –

Satan’s Taint – End Your Bloodline

Hell Gun – Tears Of Ra

Spiritbell – Ring The Bell

Blazing Rust – Son Of Lucifer

GWAR – King Queen

Canedy – Out For Blood

World War Four – Face

Prong – Ultimate Authority

Hellripper – Vampire’s Grave

Assassin’s Blade – Soil Of The Dead

Judas Priest – Beyond The Realms Of Death

Mpire Of Evil – Devil

Tau Cross – Burn With Me

Cobra Spell – Love Venom

Wolf – Shoot To Kill

Astral Doors – Worship Or Die

Iron Angel – Sands Of Time

Persuader – Heathen

Asomvel – Runnin’ The Gauntlet

Grand Magus – Blood Oath

Q5 – Pull The Trigger

Metal Church – No Friend Of Mine

Forged In Black – Forged In Black

Lethal Saint – Ascend to Power

Saxon – Hard And Fast