28 August 2019

Rockwich Festival    24 + 25 August 2019

Rockwich Festival    24 + 25 August 2019

Live from Witton Albion FC

All images copyright Lisa + Robert Billingham, Billibee Creative

August Bank Holiday can only mean one thing and that’s Rockwich 2019.

Whilst vying for position with the other festivals going on at this time, Rockwich faired extremely well due to the awesome work that Prometheus Promotions undertook promoting their festival and it was sold out with a reserve list too !

Having been in a local social club for a few years, this year they moved site to the social club at Witton Albion FC, which turned out to be a blinding move for all concerned. Facilities were top notch!

Anyway, let’s focus on music ……. Saturday night is acoustic night, a nice, easy settle you in evening which started at 7pm and was enjoyed by all.  Sunday started at 12 and those that were sat down soon were up on their feet and singing with their favourite bands. Beer flowed, food eaten and it was just an amazing day.

Tickets are already on sale for 30 August 2020 for the next Rockwich festival so don’t lose out.  This will sell out again!

Saturday’s acoustic bands …. in alphabetical order were Colina Pearl, Jessie’s Divide, Promethium, Ryders Creed


Sunday’s bands … in alphabetical order were Black Star Bullet, Gorilla Riot, Massive, Samarkind, Sister Rose, Skam, Takeaway Thieves, Tequila Mockingbyrd, The Autumn Killers, The Howling Tides, The King Lot, Theia, WolfJaw.