14 March 2019

Rockin The Studio special – Ride the lightning and Ladies of Rock


Last Mondays show was an epic monster for several reasons –

– I Played Metallica, Ride the lightning in full

– I played loads of other great thrash songs

– The second half of the show was celebrating the ladies of rock and metal and proving that they can rock as hard as the fellas!!

The station is celebrating 50 years of metal, and Ride the lightning, is is an important landmark in the past decades, so it gets the airing it deserves. I also thought it was important to play great tracks from the other giants of Thrash at the time.

And the half of the show about the ladies…. well, you’ll have to listen to hear just how good and varied that is!!!!

Anthrax – Medusa

Arch Enemy – My apocalypse

Babymetal – Akumu no Rinbukyoku

Butcher Babies – Gravemaker

Coal Chamber – Loco

Doro – Running with the devil

Exodus – Parasite

Flotsam and Jetsam – Hammerhead

Girlschool – Metropolis

Halestorm – It’s not you

Hole – Celebrity skin

Indya – Pink n Leopard (FACEBOOK)

L7  – Pretend we’re dead

Lita Ford – Can’t catch me

Megadeth – Skull beneath the skin

Metallica – Creeping death

Metallica – Escape

Metallica – Fade to Black

Metallica – Fight fire with fire

Metallica – For Whole the bell tolls

Metallica – Ride the lightning

Metallica – The call of Ktula

Metallica – Trapped under ice

Nightwish – Slaying the dreamer

Northward – Get what you give

Seplultura – Beneath the Remains

Skunk Anansie – King psychotic size

Slayer – Praised of Death

Testament – COTLOD

The Kut I –  am Vain (FACEBOOK)

White Zombie – Electric Head Pt. 2 The Ecstasy

Within temptation – Faster

The unsigned/up and coming bands that were on the show, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page. Please ‘like’ and share them and show some love as they work their asses off to create music. Without people like you….. smaller bands will never get to be bigger bands.

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Here is the link to Plugginbaby, who I’m proud to say are sponsoring the show – They have some great bands on their roster.

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