27 September 2019

Rockin The Studio podcast for 23.09.19


Last Mondays show was filled anniversary and celebrations….. a 3 hours Rock n Roll birthday party!!!


Anthrax – Superhero

Arch Enemy – Shadows and dust

At the sun – Breathe (FACEBOOK)

Bless the fall – Sleepless in Phoenix (FACEBOOK)

Bon Jovi – Raise your hands

Bon Jovi – You give love a bad name

Budderside – Open relationship (FACEBOOK)

Cheap trick – She’s tight

Dead City ruins – Bones (FACEBOOK)

Exodus – Shroud of Urine

Flotsam & Jetsam – The Message

Forbidden – Feel no pain

Giant – Innocent days

Hatchetts for hands – Warpath (FACEBOOK)

Heavy Generation – Born to rock (FACEBOOK)

Hells Gazelles – Stone Cold (FACEBOOK)

Jimi Hendrix – 51 Anniversary

Jimi Hendrix – Dolly Dagger

Jimi Hendrix – Killing Floor

KISS – Hell or high water

KISS – Shout it out loud

Little Caesar – 21 again (FACEBOOK)

Megadeth – Kill the king

Motorhead – Overkill

Ozzy Osbourne – A.V.H.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy train

Ozzy Osbourne – I don’t know

Ozzy Osbourne – Steal away the night

Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide solution

Queen – Don’t stop me now

Queensryche – Hand on heart

Saxon – Midas touch

Sepultura – Slave of pain

Slayer – Spill the blood

Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline

Survivor – Backstreet love affair

WASP – I’m alive

The unsigned/up and coming bands that were on the show, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page. Please ‘like’ and share them and show some love as they work their asses off to create music. Without people like you….. smaller bands will never get to be bigger bands.

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