19 December 2017

Rockin the studio podcast for 18.12.2017



Yesterdays show was mainly classic rock, and boy were they classics, also I had four great up and coming artists on the Loud Lounge, so if you missed it or you just want to listen again, then here it is.


The track listing for the show is:-
ACDC – Dirty deeds
Aerosmith – Magic touch
Alice cooper – Poison
Cinderalla – Take me back
Cream – SWLAB
Deep Purple – Fireball
Drag the waters – Vultures – Loud Lounge band, show some love – (FACEBOOK)
Faith no more – From out of nowhere
Foghat – I just want to make love to you
Foreigner – Dont’ let go
Free – Wishing Well
Greenday – Welcome to paradise
Guns n Roses – Bad obcession
Hollywood Vampires – My generation
KISS – Lick it up
LA Guns – Rip and tear
Led Zeppelin – Dazed and confused
Master Charger – Blessed be – Loud Lounge band, show some love – (FACEBOOK)
Motley Crew – Kickstart my heart
Motorhead – Ace of spades
Nevermore – Narcosynthesis
Nevermore – Sell my heart for stone
Obzidian – Bringing down the walls – Loud Lounge band, show some love – (FACEBOOK)
Ozzy Osbourne – Believer
Queen – Killer Queen
Queensryche – One and only
RamJam – Hurricane ride
Ratt – Dangerous but worth the risk
Skid row – Midnight tornado
Southfall – Awakening – Loud Lounge band, show some love – (FACEBOOK)
Lynard Skynard – Sweet home Alabama
Thin Lizzy – China town
WASP  – Easy living

Here is this weeks video…. it’s festive…. and it’s nearly Lemmy’s birthday so two birds…. one stone…. and it’s got Dave Grohl and Billy Gibbons from ZZtop. Happy Birthday Lemmy, and Merry Christmas to you all:-