11 October 2019

Rockin The Studio podcast for 07.10.19


Another week…. another selection of great bands. Again, the riffage counter is HUUUUUGE!!!!!!!

Grab and beer and a seat, sit back relax and brace yourself!!!!!

ACDC – Sin City
Borealis – Sign of no return (FACEBOOK)
Cream – Sunshine of your love
Cream – White room
Darkane – Rusted angel
Dead letter circus – The armour you own (FACEBOOK)
Disturbed – The Vengeful one
Dreamevil – Into the moonlight
Espionage – At light speed we strike (FACEBOOK)
God forbid – Force-fed
Guns n Roses. – Live and let die
House of Lords – Living in Silence
Journey – The time
Judas Priest – Deceiver
KISS – Raise your glass
Leatherwolf – Spirits in the wind
Lizzy Borden – State of pain
Millenium – Above the world
Motor Jesus – King Collider (FACEBOOK)
Motorhead – Iron fist
Obscure – Zero dawn (FACEBOOK)
Ronnie James Dio – Shoot shoot
Savage Messiah – Silent Empire
Sinergy – The sin trade
Skid row – Hittin’ a wall
Skindred – Nobody
Souls of tide – Shapeshifter (FACEBOOK)
Stonesour – Made of scars
Suicidal Tendencies – You can’t bring me down
Sword – Sweet dreams
System of a down – BYOB
Templeton pek – Aftermath (FACEBOOK)
Thin LIzzy – Baby please don’t go
Thrice – Under a killing moon
Van Halen. -The Seventh Seal
Voodoo Circle – Running away from love (FACEBOOK)
WASP – Sleeping in the fire

The unsigned/up and coming bands that were on the show, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page. Please ‘like’ and share them and show some love as they work their asses off to create music. Without people like you….. smaller bands will never get to be bigger bands.

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