13 January 2019

Rockin The Studio podcast for 03.01.19

The first show of 2019….. it had to be massive – and I think you will agree, it is…. was….

Enjoy peeps!!!!

Bachman Turner overdrive – Away from home
Black Whiskey – Dry bones (FACEBOOK)
Damageplan – Fuck you
Dead Daisies – All the same
Dr Hook – Cover of Roling stone
Elvis Presley – Promised Land
Elvis Presley – That’s alright mama
Gary Moore – Out in the fields
Gus G. – Money for nothing
Hollywood Vampires – Raise the dead
INDYA – Pink N Leopard (FACEBOOK)
Iron Maiden – Run to the hills
Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe
Kreator – Bitter Sweet Revenge
Lovebite – Sin city
Machine head – Bite the bullet
Me first and the gimme gimmes – Desperado
Megadeth – Head Crusher
Metallica – Kill the king
Motley crue – Slice of your pie
Motorhead – Sympathy for the devil
NTribe – Staring down the barrel (FACEBOOK)
Ozzy Osbourne – Rocky Mountain way
Pat Boone – Enter Sandman
Ram Jam – Wanna find love
Ronnie James Dio – We rock
Saxon – Heavy metal thunder
Sepultura – Arise
Shadows fall – Eternity is within
Soil – Halo
SOILWORK – Stålfågel
Soulfly – Dead behind the eyes
The Haunted – 99
Thin Lizzy – Killer on the loose
Thin Lizzy – Sill in love with you
Thin Lizzy – The Rocker
Warrant – Sure feels good to me
Whitesnake – Ain’t no love in the heart of the city

The unsigned/up and coming bands that were on the show, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page. Please ‘like’ and share them and show some love as they work their asses off to create music. Without people like you….. smaller bands will never get to be bigger bands.

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Here is the link to Plugginbaby, who I’m proud to say are sponsoring the show – They have some great bands on their roster. The three bands in the Loud Lounge this week were all bands on the Plugginbaby roster. I’ll feature more over the coming weeks.

If you or someone you know are in a band and you are looking to make it in the music biz, then can I suggest getting the very handy ‘if it was my band‘, written by Emma Scott Miles. Emma has a long history in the biz. The book is packed with helpful information to steer people through the rocky shores of the music industry. Here’s the link to buy it.