11 April 2019

Rockin The Studio podcast – 50 years of metal…. my highlights of the 50 years



The station is coming to the end of the ’50 Years of metal’ celebration, so  I thought I would cast my votes for what I think are the highlights of the past 50 years…… I didn’t quite manage to get up to present date, and I did have to play a couple of songs for certain years. Yes, I played a songs you would expect to hear, but they are classics and they deserve to be played as much as possible. So sit back and enjoy the re-run of my 50 years of highlights – see if you agree with what I think are the highlights.

ACDC – Dirty deeds

ACDC – If you want blood

Aerosmith – Sweet emotion

Black Label society – Battering ram

Black Sabbath – The Wizard

Black Sabbath – Mob Rules

Black Sabbath – Psycho man

Bon jovi – Homebound train

Damageplan – Breathing new life

Deep Purple – Smoke on  the water

DIO – Holy Diver

Gary Moore – Out in the fields

Guns n roses – Welcome to the jungle

Iron Maiden – Run to the hills

Kill the silence – All we are (FACEBOOK)

KISS – Love gun

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Machine Head – Old

Metallica – Master of puppets

Metallica – Struggle within

Metallica – Wasted my hate

Motley Crue – Dr Feelgood

Motorhead – Ace of spades

Motorhead – We are the roadcrew

Motorhead – Stay clean

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy train

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears

Pantera – Cowboys from hell

Pantera – This love

Pantera – Revolution is my name

Pride n Glory – Toe’ in the line

Queen – Stone cold crazy

Sepultura – Refuse/Resist

Thin Lizzy – Rosalie

Van Halen – Hot for teacher

ZZ top – La Grange

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