09 May 2017



The show is titled  ‘THE EURO ROCKING-SONG CONTEST’ (See what I’ve done there?)…. as this Saturday is Euro-Vision I wanted to play songs from the countries that have won Euro-vision the most so we count them down. There’s also some other Classic Rock music and Heavy metal a long with the usual Riffs that changed the world, Rock History, Sunday Sexy Tune….. instead of the triple play competition, this week I gave you an intro’s competition.

Don’t worry, it’s different, but the tunes are still top-notch kick-ass and rocking!!
The track listing for this show is:-
Cream – White room

Lordi – Hard rock Hallejuliah

thunder Stone – Let the demons free
Sonata Arctica – Picturing the past
Hanoi rocks – Up around the bend
Rammstein – Feur Frei
Helloween – Future World
Masterplan – Headbangers ballroom
Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
Skizoo- Dame Aire
Excuse me Moses – Speed
Lacuna coil – I won’t tell you
Rolling Stones – Honky tonk Woman
Shakra – Nothing to loose
Sartyricon – Fuel by hatred
Mercyful fate – King Diamond
Golden Earring – Radar Love
Massive Wagons –  Back to the stack
Hells Addiction –  What you gonna do
Abstract Rapture – Cancer in your soul
Nightmare – Serpentine
Opeth – Scorceress
The Cult – Lil Devil
Hammerfall – Stone Cold
Arch Enemy – My apocalypse
Lost horizon – Think not forever
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta love