24 February 2022

Rockhammer With Stevie J – Show 99 Featuring Stone Sour

Stevie J plays the following Tracks:

Exciter-Heavy Metal Maniac
Stone Sour-YSIF
Stone Sour-Tapai Person/ Allah Tea
Green Lung-Leaders Of The Blind
Faith No More-War Pigs
Spirit Adrift-Wake Up
Dream Widow-March Of The Insane
Stone Sour-The House Of Gold And Bones
Hell Pie-Rubber Bullets
Howling Giant-Cybermancer & The Doomsday Express
Black Coast-Ache
Breathe Atlantis-Break The silence
Burning-Razors & Reason
Stone Sour-Unchained
Death Sentence-Parker Shogren
Mother Vulture-Rabbit Hole
Freedom Hawk-Land Of The Lost
Stone Sour-Get Inside
Hot Ram-Conamara Chaos
Motorhead-Bite The Bullet