17 February 2022

Rockhammer With Stevie J – Show 98 Featuring South Of Salem

Stevie J Plays the following tracks:

Testament-Electric Crown
South Of Salem-Cold Day In Hell
Mastodon-Pushing the Tides
Killing Joke-Lord Of Chaos
The Age Of Truth-A Promise Of Nothing
Cellar Twins-Namazu
South Of Salem-No Plague Like Home
Devolution-Enjoy The Silence
Pist.On-Cold World
High Desert Queen-Heads Will Roll
South Of Salem-The Hate In Me
Wicked Smile-We Fall
Artamene-Heavy Motion
Black Sabbath-Children Of The Sea
Grim Reaper-See You In Hell
Orange Goblin-The Fog
Motorhead-Thunder And Lightning
White Raven Down-Masquerade
Molly Karloff-Do It Again
South Of Salem-Another Nail In My Coffin
Dead Demons-Another Space In Time

Stevie J catches up with South Of Salem on their UK Tour opener in Brighton.