03 February 2022

Rockhammer With Stevie J – Show 96 Featuring Armored Saint

Stevie J plays the following tracks:

Motorhead-See Me Burning
Papa Roach-Kill The Noise
Nomadic Narwhal-Arrival
Honey Bone Rush-Triskaidekaphobia
South Of Eden-Drop Dead Legs
Armored Saint-End Of The Attention Span
Black Sabbath-Turn Up The Night
Dee Snider-I Gotta Rock (Again)
The Watchers-Buzzard
Enforcer-Undying Evil
Armored Saint-Win Hands Down
The Pinpricks-Bait
Ozzy Osbourne-Diary Of A Madman
New Habits-Pulling Petals
Baroness-Take My Bones away
Florence Black-Bird On A Chain
Judas Priest-Ram It Down
Armored Saint-Reign Of Fire
Alice In Chains-Rooster