16 December 2021

Rockhammer With Stevie J – Show 89 Featuring King Buffalo

Stevie J plays the following tracks:

Orange Goblin-Sons Of Salem
King Buffalo-Red Star (Part 2)
Dendrites-Throwing Rocks
Urne-The Palace Of Devil & Wolves
Paradox-Escape From The Burning
King Buffalo-Cosmonaut
Celtic Frost-Into The Crypts Of Rays
Enemy Of The Enemy-The Last Dance
King Creature-The Pusher
King Buffalo-Grifter
King Bastard-Bury The Survivors/ Ashes To Ashes
King Voodoo-Drag Me To The Water
Kingwitch-Body Of Light
Monster Magnet-Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)
Green Lung-Leaders Of The Blind
King Buffalo-Shadows