07 October 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J- Show 81 Featuring Testament

Stevie J Plays the Following Tracks:

Janes Addiction-Just Because
Testament-The New Order
The Quill-Keep On Moving
Gothic Slam-Thunder And Lightning
Just a Ride-Start Over
Tremonti-A World Away
Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons-Spiders
Freakshow-Agent Provocateurs
Testament-Over The Wall
System Of A Down-Aerials
Demonscar-Stella Crinita
Skam-Fade Out
Hjelvik-Glory Of Hel
Motorhead-Dead Men Tell No Tales
Testament-Brotherhood Of The Snake
Of Mice And Men-Mosaic
Dead Soul Revival-Let It Ride
Blessed Black-The Black Gate
Papa Roach-Between Angels And Insects
Bodycount-Bum Rush
Motorhead-Bite The Bullet