23 September 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J- Show 79 Featuring Hot Ram

Stevie J Plays the following Tracks:

Slipknot-Nero Forte
Hot Ram-The Grave of Arch Stanton
Shepherd’s Reign Swizl Jager-Nga Ao E Rua
Spirit Adrift-Ride Into The Light
Orange Goblin-Sons Of Salem
Victorius-To The Death
Hot Ram-Hunter Lies
Howling Giant-Rooster
Beastwood-Electric Gangbang
Blind Channel-Over My Dead Body
Soundgarden-Room A Thousand Years Wide
Green Lung-Reaper’s Scythe
Heavy Temple-A Desert Through The Trees
Hot Ram-Pink Droid
Breathe Atlantis-Saviour
EnforcE-Where Did She Go?
Hot Ram-Tribes of Titan
Motorhead-Shoot You In The Back
Alice In Chains-Nutshell