16 September 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J- Show 78 Featuring Paradise Lost

Stevie J Plays the Following Tracks:

Helloween-Walls Of Jericho/Ride The Sky
Paradise Lost-Serenity
Thin Lizzy-Thunder And Lightning
Zakk Sabbath-Under The Sun Every Day Comes And Goes
Killer Be Killed-Deconstructing Self Construction
Motorjesus-Here Come The Robots
Universum-Fractured Architype
Faithful Darkness-Black Mirrors Reflection
Slash-Watch This
Paradise Lost-The Last Time
Black Rainbows-Radio 666
Hot Ram-Riding On The Wind
Mos Generator-Shadowlands
Paradise Lost-Soul Corageous
Venues-Deceptive faces
Raging Speedhorn-Children Of The Revolution
Matterhorn-Judge Nought
Trivium-Feast Of Fire
Paradise Lost-Forsaken
Bokassa-Mouthbreathers Inc.