08 July 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J Show 68 Featuring Slayer

Stevie J plays the following tracks, and muses over how Helloween write their songs and how Slayer order Breakfast….

Godsmack- Cryin Like a Bitch
Slayer-Raining Blood
Monster Magnet-Born to go
Mastodon-Forged by Neron
Rammstein-Du Hast
Testament-Brotherhood of the Snake
Of mice and men-Bloom
Slayer-Ghosts of War
Valley of the Sun-Eternal Foerever
Dee Snider-Time to Choose
Megadeth-Super Collider
Asomvel-World Shaker
Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark
Helloween-Out for Glory
Slayer-Dead Skin Mask
Chateaux-Rock ‘n’ Roll Thunder
PowerWolf-Dancing with the Dead
Skid Row-Slave to the grind
Slayer-Seasons in the Abyss
Eastern High-Emperor
Van Halen-Eruption
Stone Temple Pilots-Wicked Garden