24 June 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J Show 66 featuring Orange Goblin

Stevie J Talks to Ben Ward from Orange Goblin and plays the following tracks:

Scorpions-He’s a Woman-She’s a Man
Orange Goblin-Sons of Salem
Motorhead-Silver Machine
Another world-Let it Loose
Gojira-Another World
Death Valley Knights-Blood for the Blood God
Orange Goblin-Red Tide Rising
Raging Speedhorn-Doom Machine
Light the Torch-Let me fall apart
Molybaron-Something for the pain
Accept-Fast as a Shark
Orange Goblin-Sarumans Wish
Machine head-Become the Firestorm
Zed Yago-Black Bone Song
Orange Goblin-The Filthy and the Few
Alice in Chains-Would
Megadeth-Hangar 18
Soundgarden-Jesus Christ Pose
Awakening Savannah-Rebuild
Dee Snider-I Gotta Rock (Again)
Orange Goblin-The Wolf Bites Back