11 March 2021

Rockhammer with Stevie J- Show 51 featuring High on Fire

Stevie J Played the following:

Metallica-Four Horsemen
High on Fire-Electric Messiah
Bokassa Last-Night (was a real Massacre)
Night Demon-Kill The Pain
Judas Priest-Electric Eye (Live)
Orange Goblin-Some you win, some you lose
High on Fire-Frost Hammer
Architects-Black Lung
Deaf Rat-Tying you down
Skam-Green Eyes
High on Fire-Rumours of War
Unknown Refuge-Battle Hymn
Gojira-Born for one thing
Lords of the Black-Nothing left to fear
Motorhead-Back at the funny farm
Satans Fall-Juggernaut
Kvelertak-Crack of Doom
High on Fire-The Black Plot
Against the Grain-Embers and Dust
System of a Down-Protect the land